In a corporation, the chief financial officer (CFO) is the executive responsible for the finances of the business – he or she reports to and takes direction from the chief executive officer (CEO). The CFO helps to ensure that the overall financial goals and mission of the company are being met in a sound, responsible way. Although the CEO may understand how to manage finances, he or she knows that it is a better use of time and resources to delegate those responsibilities to the CFO. This enables the CEO to focus on the larger mission of the corporation.

As a financially successful individual, you are the CEO of your own ‘personal corporation’ that can benefit from a Personal CFO – someone who can help you intelligently prepare for the future, with the level of personal service and attention to your specific goals that you deserve and should expect. Just like a corporate CEO, though you may have the education to manage your financial issues, outsourcing those issues to an experienced Personal CFO enables you to focus on higher priorities in your life – your family, the peak of your professional career, your community involvement, or simply…relaxing.

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