The process below repeats continuously over time – SKC Financial Group constantly reviews with our clients to see if circumstances have changed, requiring modifications to your customized plan’s design and Implementation.

1. Discovery

This is the ‘getting to know you’ stage of our process. We learn about you and your core values, and you get to know us and how our experiences shape how we handle your financial picture.

2. Design

This is when our firm analyzes what we have learned about you and conducts research on appropriate solutions, constructing a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your financial life goals. This stage is truly a team effort, enlisting the help of additional professionals, including accounting and legal services when warranted to suit your needs.

3. Implementation

Now it’s time to implement the plan we designed in the ‘Design’ stage.  As a part of our service, we assist with the account transfers, repositioning of investments, and meeting with your attorney and tax professionals,  if appropriate, to discuss additional strategies.

4. Communication

We contact our clients on a regular basis in the form of phone calls, email updates, newsletters, meetings and more.  We strive to ensure that our clients are always informed, and always have a venue to have their questions answered.

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